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Antique Locks
(formerly Meaders of Stalbridge)

In the early days a box of keys was the only way to solve customers lock problems, but, at the same time security was not a problem and a single key would very often open several front doors. We still have a large collection of old keys, some of which may well have been our original box.

We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and the locksmithing department has gained an enviable reputation for restoring antique locks and reproducing malleable iron keys for many churches and old houses in a traditional style. The workshop produces locks to customers' special requirements. Modern locks to insurance standard can be set into wooden lock cases to give high security with a Victorian style appearance.

Antique Locks Antique Locks Antique Locks

We stock over 14,000 keys including the malleable iron keys for churches and other antique locks. We are always pleased to quote for cutting unusual keys. In our workshop we reproduce keys using British and Continental blanks, but where necessary we can make keys to unusual design where no blank is available. An example is illustrated. We also keep a range of antique locks in stock that are for sale and are proud to state that we have customers all over the world.

Antique Keys Antique Keys Ornate Locks

In our workshop we can restore and repair old locking mechanisms to working order, and where necessary make keeps and renovate lock cases

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