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From the beginning we have always been household locksmiths, starting with only one locksmith to cover our area. But throughout the last 27 years, demand has grown and the need for more locksmiths was met by taking on more staff, and thus being able to cover a wider area.

We are also Master Locksmith Association approved locksmiths, giving you piece of mind that we are experts in what we do!

Here are just a few of the services that we cover:

Lock outs - If you are locked out of your property, give as a call. We have the tools and knowledge to get into your property without causing damage to windows or doors.

Lost Keys- Lost the keys whilst walking to work? We can open your property and replace locks for you, leaving you free to do what ever you want for the rest of the day and not having to worry about someone having the keys to your property

Broken Keys - Broken your only key inside they lock? With our tools and knowledge we can remove the broken key and fit you a new lock.

Replacement Locks - Unhappy with the flimsy lock you have on your door? We can help! We have a large range of locks that comply to British Standards, thus meeting your Insurance Companies requirements on your last leaving door. Instead of fitting another lock we will upgrade the old one, to save having three locks on the door. Or we can replace like for like depending on your preference.

Free Quotes Quotes - Yes it's true! If you have just moved to a new property or just want to feel safe in your property, why not organise a FREE no obligation quotation. We will survey the windows, doors, patio doors etc. We will then provide a written quotation to recommend anything that may need upgrading or may be vulnerable. You can have as much or as little as you want done of the quote, even have it done it stages to meet you budget.

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Keyed alike locks - Fed up of carrying around lots of keys? Why not change all your locks for keyed alike locks. We can replace every lock so that they are all keyed to one key, even if one door is wooden and the other UPVC.

Restricted Section - Worried about unauthorised people getting duplicate keys? Stop them! We can fit Restricted Section locks, which means they are registered in your name so that any keys that need duplicating can only be cut if you authorise the duplication.

Master Keying - Do you want all your locks on one key but restrict some of them so only certain people can access that lock? A few examples:

1 - Hotel had ten rooms the Manager and Cleaner were fed up of varying around 10 keys, so they had a Master Suite installed. The rooms were keyed on different individual locks, however the Manager and Cleaner had one Master Key so that they could access each room and only carry one key.

2 An office had four entrances, but the Managers wanted all the locks keyed alike including their office. However, they did not want all the staff to access the Managers Offices. So they had the four main entrances keyed alike on a Master Key System, then the Managers had Master keys so only their keys could access their offices, stopping any unauthorised staff getting access to the wrong office and still only having one key to carry.

A master key system is a compromise between total security and total free movement. We can design a system to your precise operational requirements. This will give you security and the benefits of flexibility of movement. Systems design and planning are enhanced using the very latest computer software, this ensures that the system details are to the customer's specification.

All our staff have been trained by the lock and cylinder manufacturers; enabling us to undertake all the design and assembly work in our own premises, reducing the build times and enabling us to provide a speedy and efficient service.

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