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Countless properties in current times are now fitted with some form of double glazing, whether it be UPVC double glazing or wooden framed double glazing, we can help with most problems.

Most people will find that if you can actually get hold of the company that fitted the glazing, they are either far too expensive to call out or they have been taken over or even gone bust.

We offer a fully mobile service for all of the following problems and more:

  • Condensation between glass
  • Broken hinges or locks
  • Broken handles on doors or windows
  • Draughty seals
  • Leaky windows or doors
  • Locks that won't meet your insurance requirements
  • Windows not shutting properly
  • Smashed windows or doors

Whatever the problem we can help. The vast majority of problems are sorted on site, however, things like smashed windows or doors, need boarding up, measured and then another visit to fit the new units.

We have the experience to solve your problems.

"Your Problem is no problem!"

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